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Ultrasound, Endoscopy & Telemedicine Services

Southlane Veterinary Hospital's Ultrasound & Endoscopy Services

ultrasound.JPG"Providing advanced imaging and diagnostic services

with access to board certified specialists...in a setting close

to home."



What exactly are Ultrasound and Endoscopic services?

radiology.JPGUltrasound and Endoscopic procedures are cutting edge diagnostic tools that allow us to offer your pet non- or minimally invasive diagnostic and surgical treatments, just like those used in human medicine. Telemedicine capabilities allow us to use the internet to transmit the entire case to a board certified specialist for review; physical exam findings, laboratory data, x-rays, ultrasound/endoscopic images...even a current photo of the pet!

  • Ultrasound scans are performed for conditions of the abdomen and chest, to diagnose heart disease, for pregnancy diagnosis and monitoring, and to define muscle/tendon injuries.
  • Endoscopic procedures are performed with a medical grade digital camera attached to the scope, so that the exam/surgery is viewed on a video screen in the surgery room. Both flexible and rigid endoscopes are utilized.


Why is Telemedicine so beneficial?

Telemedicine capabilities allow for a very timely diagnosis for a pet, in the most convenient and cost-effective manner for the owner.

  • in most cases lab data and x-rays are current, which means these tests need not be repeated.
  • owners can avoid lost time from work, and also the long drive to other referral facilities such as a university.



What if I'm an established client from another veterinary hospital?

diagnostics.JPGWe see referrals on a regular basis.

If you are coming from another hospital, simply ask your regular veterinarian to make a referral appointment for your pet. He or she will receive a complete report, and can perform the necessary follow-up work.


New Patients Welcome!


We Welcome New Patients !!!New Patients !!!

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